Maximize reservoir contact and production

How can you maximize reservoir contact and production?

Halliburton's STIM2001™ simulator, along with our carbonate and sandstone acid-stimulation processes, brings new levels of precision and cost-effectiveness to acidizing.

STIM2001 software can evaluate the reasons for lost production in one well or a series of wells, and then rank the wells studied according to the best value for each stimulation dollar spent. Obtaining optimum results from any of the various formulations and procedures depends on a thorough understanding of formation mineralogy. The system can determine the wells' skin value, the damage mechanisms in play, applicable remedies and the ideal production rate. It can guide fluid selection, recommend fluid diversion programs, simulate fluid flows in both sandstone and carbonates (including wormholing) and automatically generate reports based upon single-entry data.

A full range of acid treatments is available to help boost production. Matrix acidizing treatments can improve connectivity with the near wellbore region. Fracture acidizing treatments can be designed to penetrate deep into lower-permeability rock. Results of formation evaluations using both Carbonate 20/20SM and Sandstone 2000SM services provide input data for the STIM2001 matrix simulator, a solutions-oriented software package that can effectively guide stimulation selection, including acidizing, fracturing and reperforating.

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