Reduce Residual Oil and Improve Sweep Efficiency

How can I use enhanced oil recovery techniques to reduce residual oil and improve sweep efficiency in my mature fields?

Enhanced Oil Recovery (EOR) techniques can increase production from mature fields containing bypassed oil. Making the most of EOR opportunities requires vast technological resources and a service company with the experience and knowledge to apply them in a cost-effective strategy.

Whether thermal or non-thermal methods are employed, the objective of EOR is to reduce residual oil saturation and improve sweep efficiency, while maximizing rate of return on capital and reducing operating cost. Non-thermal methods include chemical, microbial, and CO2 flooding. But heat–primarily steamflooding–is the most favored and effective method of inducing more heavy oil to flow. Sweep efficiency is enhanced by conformance technology. Production logging and other methods such as permanent monitoring with fiber optic sensors, called distributed temperature sensors (DTS), can identify any variation in injection and production flows in the perforated zone. When significant differences are found, conformance technology is applied to seal or reduce the formation permeability in the perforations and/or the near-wellbore region with the highest flow rates. This allows more of the injected fluid to divert into lower-permeability intervals in the injection zone. The overall sweep efficiency can be substantially improved by this flow diversion. Besides chemical solutions like conformance technology, mechanical ones such as downhole devices and valves, i.e. "smart wells", and wellbore placement technology are also effective solutions.

Halliburton brings extensive resources and experience in drilling and production optimization to all phases of a project, and provides the sophisticated understanding necessary to get the most from EOR:

  • An integrated approach to the way wells are planned, drilled, completed, and produced
  • Development of "intelligent solutions" that take a long-term view of the life of the well
  • Application of "smart well" technology that facilitates better production management

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