Minimize Uncertainty of Offset and New Wells

How do you plan new wells in your mature field without violating anti-collision guidelines?

Frequently, when drilling in mature fields, the directional survey information available on existing wells is poor because of the age of the well and its documentation. Halliburton can address these issues by providing experts and tools to minimize the uncertainty on the offset wells and the wells to be drilled.

On offset wells, an audit is conducted to review the directional survey data. This increases the confidence level of the available data and the error models being used. Additional processing can be performed if the raw survey data is available in order to give improved quality control and reduce wellbore uncertainty. Enhanced geomagnetic referencing (IFR or IIFR) and multi-station analysis can also be performed on the well to be drilled giving you additional assurance. As a result, you can more efficiently plan and drill in your mature field.

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Related Information

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