Rotary Coring

Innovative, engineered technology for securing high-quality rock samples

With our rotary sidewall coring services, high-quality rock samples can be easily acquired in a single run, providing samples for routine and specialty core analysis (SCAL). Core analysis enables a better understanding of well conditions and estimating storage characteristics of the matrix. This significantly enhances economic value and reduces your exploration and development risk.

Retrieve cores where others would simply implode

Whether you require 1-in. diameter cores (RSCT™ and HRSCT™ tools) or the additional laboratory value of 1.5-in. diameter cores, we have the right service for you. Our rotary coring technologies enable efficient sample taking in almost any reservoir condition. With temperature and pressure ratings as high as 450°F and 35,000 psi, your most challenging reservoirs are well within our tool specifications.

Features that excite

Engineered to lead, the Xaminer® Coring Tool and CoreVault® System have unique and differentiated features. Both break from traditional rotary coring services by positively confirming the capture of every core while downhole. The CoreVault system is the industry’s only rotary coring tool that physically seals cores after sample capture, retaining the core-bound fluids. The addition of the fluids enables a whole suite of new lab measurements and applications.

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Summary Halliburton Makes Splash in Deep Water — Saving Operator USD 1.2 Million in Rig Time Nov 2017
Summary Halliburton CoreVault® RFP System Impacts Economic Decision Making and Reduces Risks Jun 2017
Summary Operators Maximize Economic Value of Their Assets with CoreVault® System Feb 2016
Summary Halliburton technology helps Cobalt International Energy save more than USD 10 million in presalt carbonates Nov 2015
Summary The Halliburton Xaminer™ Coring Tool retrieved 71 sidewall core Sep 2015
Summary Halliburton saves time and money in deepwater southeast Asia Apr 2015
Summary New CoreVault® system helps operator confirm 2.5X more gas in place than expected Feb 2014
Summary Larger cores help provide operators a better understanding of reservoir dynamics Sep 2012
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CoreVault® System
Built into the proven Xaminer® Coring Tool, our CoreVault® system can capture up to 10 samples in a sealed container—in one run. Our container safely locks your critical reservoir fluids in your cores. The container prevents reservoir fluids from escaping during core retrieval and transport. Once transported to a laboratory, the reservoir fluids in those cores can be measured and analyzed.
Xaminer® Coring Tool
Our Xaminer® Coring Tool sets the bar for large-diameter cores in deep water. Our versatile, reliable coring tool is a new approach for acquiring multiple sidewall core samples. The service is engineered to provide a combination of high-speed bit rotation, torque, and bit advancement for optimal drilling performance.
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