Formation Reservoir Solutions (FRS) Production Engineering

Service-Powered Solutions - Reservoir surveillance for improved recovery

Reservoir surveillance is important to mitigate production problems and maximize recovery. Problems related to water coning or channeling, crossflows, plugged perforations, skin, and scale damage can be identified and addressed with proper diagnosis and surveillance. The analysis helps to determine remedial actions and, at times, decide if you should continue to produce or abandon a well.

Our production engineers collaborate with customers worldwide to diagnose, design, and deliver engineered solutions to improve recovery throughout the life of the reservoir. We use our specialized technologies to customize solutions for each well’s unique challenges.

Halliburton has the required technologies to realize greater reservoir understanding.

  • Diagnostics and well surveillance

    Production and injection profiling during the life of a reservoir to determine flow velocity, gas holdup, fluid velocity, crossflow, thief zones, and other auxiliary measurements. Expert production logging data analysis helps diagnose production problems and design optimum solutions to mitigate those problems. 
  • Cased-hole formation evaluation

    Accurate determination of formation properties like porosity and saturation are important over the life of a reservoir. Time-lapse monitoring using pulsed-neutron tools can aid in understanding the changes in saturation during the life of the well.

Let us collaborate with you to customize acquisition programs that help guarantee the data and interpretations meet your objectives. Our in-depth understanding of the technology and access to the entire Halliburton technical organization ensure we maximize the value of every single service. Service-Powered Solutions.

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