Formation and Reservoir Solutions (FRS) Geology

Service-powered solutions - transforming borehole imaging data into reservoir insight

Maximize your reservoir understanding. Our teams of expert geologists provide interpretation services using both resistivity- and acoustic-based borehole imaging technology. These high-resolution measurements help enable geological answers that complement petrophysical answers from conventional tools.

Our teams collaborate with customers worldwide to create clearer reservoir understanding. We integrate available data like surface logging data (mud logs), mineralogy from elemental spectroscopy, and conventional formation evaluation tools to enable sound decision making. We help solve complex challenges in clastic and carbonate environments, as well as conventional and unconventional reservoirs.

Halliburton has the required technologies to realize a greater geological understanding of reservoirs.

  • Structural and stratigraphic interpretation

    Provides bedding dip direction, presence of fractures or microfaults, stress-related changes to wellbore geometry, thickening or thinning of strata, and true vertical and true stratigraphic thickness of bedding planes to help understand the geology of the reservoir.
  • Reservoir architecture from textural and facies analysis

    These tools help enable the identification of features that are beyond the resolution of conventional logging tools. In complex pore systems, an understanding of textural and facies variations could help refine the geomodel.
  • Net-to-gross and sand-count estimations in highly laminated reservoirs

    Identifies thin-bed pay in highly laminated reservoirs, especially in younger, unconsolidated reservoirs. We can help optimize drilling and completion plans to improve the ultimate recovery from these laminated reservoirs.

Let us collaborate with you to customize acquisition programs that help guarantee the data and interpretations meet your objectives. Our in-depth understanding of the technology and access to the entire Halliburton technical organization ensure we maximize the value of every single service. Service-Powered Solutions.

CoreHD® Service & CoreHD® Plus Service High Resolution Dual Energy CT Imaging
Providing early visibility into the critical properties of whole core through continuous, high-resolution rock property logs in relevant timeframes.
ShaleXpertSM Integrated Analysis Solution
Advanced Source Rock Reservoir Analysis Solution. Engineers and geoscientists need petrophysical solutions that will define the most optimum techniques to deliver most shale gas and oil to the market. Halliburton ShaleXpert new integrated analysis solution, based on a calibrated workflow for organic shales, can bring all the pieces together.
TightGasXpert℠ Interpretation Service
Advanced Tight Gas Reservoir Analysis. Since unconventional tight gas sands demonstrate much higher matrix permeability than organic source rocks, a tailored asset solution also exists to both optimize and predict fracture flow performance from these reservoirs.
ZoneID® and PoreHD® Services
Understand the pore system and quantify the relative producibility of different rock textures with Ingrain’s state-of-the-art imaging and interpretation in 2D and 3D. Our proprietary offering provides unmatched image quality and a quantitative understanding of representative volume fractions and pore morphology.
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