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Hydrocarbon fluid identification, porosity characterization, and permeability are necessary input data for a strategy to determine intervals for drillstem tests and robust resource estimations. The gradient and samples obtained from formation testing are crucial in determining thickness, quality, and connectivity of the hydrocarbon zone. And, in turn, properly assess the commercial viability of the well.

Formation testing tools help:

  • Determine formation pressures
  • Establish pressure gradients
  • Identify reservoir fluid type
  • Locate fluid contacts
  • Calculate formation fluid mobility
  • Collect representative reservoir fluid samples
  • Analyze reservoir fluids in situ
  • Describe the reservoir architecture

Halliburton offers a complete portfolio of formation testers for full characterization in any environment.

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Focused Oval Pad
Wireline tool provides representative samples of a well's formation fluid, and can monitor up to eight fluid and formation properties. Also provides pressure gradient testing.
Hostile Sequential Formation Tester (HSFT-II™) Tool
Our Hostile Sequential Formation Tester (HSFT-IITM) tool delivers sizzling performance in extreme temperatures. This tester acquires formation pressure data and fluid samples under extreme conditions—up to 450°F (232°C), 30,000 psi, and in boreholes as small as 4 in. in diameter.
Reservoir Description Tool (RDT™) Tool
Wireline formation pressure testing and sampling runs should be quick, completed in a single descent, provide pure single phase fluid samples, and deliver the required pressure tests along with the associated mobilities and pressure gradients. The Halliburton Reservoir Description Tool (RDT™) employs several best in class features to help you meet these goals.
Xaminer® Hostile Formation Tester (XHT)
The search for hydrocarbons in HP/HT conditions should not exclude the collection of PVT samples and formation pressures. Over the last decade, Halliburton has led the way in obtaining formation pressure and samples in hostile environments. Using the same proven reliability and durability, our Xaminer® Hostile Formation Tester (XHT™) service delivers these critical evaluation components at 450°F (232°C) and 35,000 psi. Using new technology pump designs, it builds upon the proven platform of the HSFT-II™ tool.
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