Digital Rock Analysis with Ingrain Services

Integrated Digital rock analysis provides a quantitative understanding of fine-grained strata and intricate pore networks that are challenging to quantify with other methods

Our proprietary multiscale imaging analysis and interpretation rapidly unravels the distribution of reservoir rock properties. This improves the characterization of your reservoir when combined with wireline and other lab data sets.

Obtain quantitative high-frequency CT data and high-resolution petrophysical interpretation

Ingrain’s proprietary methodology CoreHD® service extracts the effects of chemical composition and density through Dual Energy Computed Tomography (DE CT). CT bulk density and PE are combined with spectral gamma ray logs to rapidly deliver a detailed analysis of lithology, porosity, rock facies and depositional sequences. This analysis, combined with rock properties obtained at higher resolution (ShalePay® service), provides critical information for identifying optimal landing zones. It also identifies stacked thin-bedded frac barriers not resolved by log data.


Integrated Rock Analysis – Rapidly Characterize Your Rock at Multiple Scales

Ingrain integrated Digital and Physical Core Analysis provides a robust understanding of reservoir quality. This new approach establishes the relationship between bulk rock properties and multiscale image analysis for a more holistic understanding of the effective rock properties. This relationship is a key indication of hydrocarbon storage and flow. Ingrain analyses are delivered in an unmatched timeframe, enhancing the interpretation of other wireline and perforating technologies needed to unravel reservoir producibility.

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Summary Ingrain Helped Quantify Organic Porosity and Predict Estimated Ultimate Recovery Using Cuttings Nov 2017
Summary Integrated Reservoir Characterization Helps Resolve Critical Rock Properties in Highly Heterogeneous Formation Oct 2017
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CoreHD® Service & CoreHD® Plus Service High Resolution Dual Energy CT Imaging
Providing early visibility into the critical properties of whole core through continuous, high-resolution rock property logs in relevant timeframes.
ZoneID® and PoreHD® Services
Understand the pore system and quantify the relative producibility of different rock textures with Ingrain’s state-of-the-art imaging and interpretation in 2D and 3D. Our proprietary offering provides unmatched image quality and a quantitative understanding of representative volume fractions and pore morphology.
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