Deepwater Exploration & Development


Deep water is the most challenging and expensive play in the world today. To help address the high costs of exploration and development, Halliburton is bringing new efficiencies to deepwater with reliable equipment, resourceful people and innovative technologies.

Our equipment and systems have proven themselves in the field many times over. Halliburton companies have participated in the vast majority of all producing deepwater wells and contributed to most of the world's deepwater completions. Our software has been used to help unlock more than 80% of the world's deepwater discoveries.

Our people have also proven themselves, working in the most challenging environments on earth. Halliburton has set many world records, often by integrating our knowledge and experience from different segments of the business that help reduce operators' uncertainty.

We have also developed many innovative new technologies that safely save hours, days and even weeks of expensive rig time.

Efficiency also requires safe operations at all times. Without safety, there can be no efficiency. Therefore, a critical component of the Halliburton deepwater solution is a high, consistent level of HSE performance.

Reliable equipment, resourceful people and innovative technologies are helping Halliburton bring new efficiencies to deep water. To learn more about our deepwater solutions, visit the pages in this section.

Halliburton Solutions Blog

Halliburton Solutions Blog

Check out our blog for articles specific to deep water challenges.
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