Deepwater Arctic

The Arctic could be considered one of the world's last, great frontiers. Covering over 8.2 million square miles, with 62% of that area offshore, it is seen as a resource rich storehouse of oil, gas, heavy oil and methane hydrates waiting to be explored. Estimates by the U.S. Geological Survey suggest that 13% of the world's undiscovered oil and 30% of the undiscovered gas lie above the Arctic Circle.

The challenges to operating successfully in the Arctic are technically, physically, socially and environmentally more demanding than in any other environment. The extreme weather conditions and the remoteness of the work sites intensify those challenges. A project in this region naturally demands more planning, review, and contingencies than a job in a more benign climate, closer to major supporting infrastructure.

Halliburton has over 50 years Arctic experience operating in various geographical locations and conditions. We bring that experience, along with our reliable equipment, resourceful people and innovative technology to working efficiently in the Arctic. Project after project, we have proven our ability to understand the challenges of new resources by partnering with operators to provide efficient solutions for successful development.

The Arctic may present some of the harshest working conditions, but with the potential to enhance the world's energy reserves, it's worth the effort. Halliburton's approach to the Arctic is based on creative, long-term thinking and the ability to work well with local communities, industry partners, stakeholder organizations and academia to generate the most effective solutions for developing Arctic resources safely and responsibly.

3D Salt Proximity
Using 3-component downhole geophones, Halliburton refraction salt proximity methods can help operators drill around salt formations
Accu-Pulse™ Incremental Positioning Module
The Accu-Pulse incremental positioning module provides incremental opening of a multiple-position interval control valve (ICV) allowing operators to control produced or injected fluid rates, greatly enhancing reservoir management capabilities.
Acoustic Conformance Xaminer® Service
Acoustic Conformance Xaminer® Service uses hydrophone array technology to locate and describe communication paths and flow areas—vertically and radially in the wellbore area in real time.
ACRt™ Array Compensated Resistivity Tool Family
The ACRt™ array compensated resistivity tool system represents the latest thinking in conventional array induction technology
ADR™ Azimuthal Deep Resistivity Sensor
LWD sensor provides deep reading (up to 18 feet into the formation), directional and high-resolution images that give early warning of approaching bed boundaries before the target zone is exited. Also provides a traditional multi-frequency compensated resistivity sensor. This one tool provides over 2,000 unique measurements for both precise wellbore placement and more accurate petrophysical analysis.
Advanced Cement Evaluation Service
Advanced Cement Evaluation Service provides quick, accurate information on cement bond, even when using foamed cements.
Armada® Sampling System
The Armada® sampling system is Halliburton’s next-generation fluid sampling solution designed for cased-hole environments ranging from normal to heavy/viscous to hostile.
BackStop™ Water Conformance Control Service
BackStop™ Water Conformance Control Service controls unwelcome water production by introducing an exceptionally capable water control agent at the shallow part of the formation around perforation tunnels.
BaraCRI℠ Cuttings Reinjection Service
Locations with increasingly strict environmental regulations require unique and integrated waste management solutions.
BaraECD® High-Performance Non-Aqueous Fluid System
Halliburton’s BaraECD® High-Performance Non-Aqueous Fluid System has a rheological profile designed to provide low, controlled Equivalent Circulating Density in wells with extreme narrow pore pressure/fracture gradients, reducing the risk of drilling induced fractures.
BaraKlean® Well Cleaners
High-performance well cleaners
BaraLogix® Real-Time Solutions
Automated monitoring, real-time density & rheology units, and fluids optimization services.
The CAST-ITM is the ultimate well integrity diagnostics solution, providing all the benefits of Halliburton’s industry-known cement evaluation and casing inspection services with increased tool combinability, resulting in the most efficient logging and surface system platform use in the market.
Monoconductor Conveyed Simultaneous Ultrasonic / Sonic / Caliper Casing and Cement Evaluation
CheckStream® Chemical Injection System
The Halliburton CheckStream® system is a downhole chemical injection system featuring a dual redundant check valve installed and protected by an industry-standard mandrel chassis.
CleanWell® Solutions
A Comprehensive Wellbore Cleanup and Displacement Service
Commander™ 1000 Top-Drive Cementing Head
Commander™ 1000 top-drive cementing head is designed for offshore operations to surface launch balls or darts in order to operate subsea plug sets and associated tools.
Dash® 3” Subsea Safety System
The Dash® 3” Subsea Safety System has a unique design which moves away from complicated fixed piping toward a simple bolt on design greatly reducing maintenance time and resulting in one of the shortest systems on the market.
Dash® Large Bore Subsea Safety System
The Dash® Large Bore Subsea Safety System is an all-new EH system designed to ease assembly, simplify maintenance processes, communicate real-time landing string conditions, simplify re-latch operations, and provide faster activation response times.
DataSphere® Array System
The DataSphere® Array system is a reliable, permanent, multi-point reservoir monitoring system that provides distributed pressure and temperature sensing in single-zone and multi-zone land and subsea applications.
DataSphere® FloStream™ Venturi Flow Meter
The FloStream flowmeter is designed specifically to meet the requirements of the well in relation to material selection and expected flow rates. FloSteam flowmeter system operation is based on the Venturi principle
DataSphere® LinX® Monitoring Systems
The LinX® monitoring system provides real-time, well integrity monitoring in subsea wells without the need to halt production.
DataSphere® ROC™ Permanent Downhole Gauges
ROC™ permanent downhole gauges provide reliable, real-time permanent monitoring of downhole conditions, thereby increasing productivity through the life of the well or reservoir.
DeepSEAL® Service Solutions
Multi-Chem understands that a properly engineered and implemented chemical treatment program can contribute to significant savings in deepwater/CAPEX projects. That’s why we dedicate the time and technology to assure that every treatment will continue to flow through every umbilical, every time – no matter how long the deepwater line runs.
DeepSuite™ Wireline Tool Technology
Unmatched Deepwater Wireline and Perforating Capabilities. Halliburton has absolutely everything needed to help safely and successfully perform jobs in any deepwater environment. Our innovative solutions feature new capabilities that redefine what is possible in ultra-deepwater plays and enable new levels of risk mitigation for operators.
Deepwater Reservoir Solution Center (DW-RSC)
Offers world-class solutions and services in a wide variety of deepwater reservoirs, from conventionals to turbidites and presalt carbonates.
DepthStar® Tubing-Retrievable Safety Valve
The DepthStar® Tubing Retrievable Safety Valve (TRSV) is a revolutionary new concept in the realm of surface controlled subsurface safety valves.
DPU® Downhole Power Unit
Downhole Power Unit is an electro-mechanical device designed to produce a linear force for setting or pulling wellbore tools such as monolocks, bridge plugs, or packers.
DPU®-Actuated Tubing Perforator
The Halliburton Downhole Power Unit (DPU®) -actuated Tubing Perforator offers a nonexplosive, cost-effective solution to create a single perforation hole in tubing or casing.
DynaLink™ Telemetry System
Halliburton's latest innovation in surface readout telemetry utilizing wireline or completely wireless. The DynaLink™ telemetry system provides operators with pertinent and timely data from downhole sensors by operating as a real time wireless sensor and actuator network using acoustic energy in the tubing string.
Electromagnetic Pipe Xaminer® V (EPX™ V) Service
Using accurate High-Definition Frequency (HDF) technology, the EPX V tool reduces diagnostic time and provides comprehensive information for monitoring programs.
Endurance Hydraulic Screen®
Endurance Hydraulic Screen® is a compliant screen that delivers a new level of sand control completion, providing reservoir compliance through positive wellbore support.
Environmentally Distinctive Burner
The Environmentally Distinctive Burner is specifically designed for use in ecologically sensitive areas, where it’s critical to quantify produced emissions.
EquiFlow® Autonomous Inflow Control Device
Restricting water and gas production at breakthrough, this autonomous inflow control device (AICD) helps increase recoverable reserves, extend well production, and reduce the expense and risk of unwanted fluid production.
EquiSeal™ Conformance Service
Custom water and gas shutoff system for horizontal or highly deviated wellbores.
ESTMZ™ Enhanced Single-Trip Multizone Completion System
ESTMZ™ Enhanced Single-Trip Multizone system enables isolation and treatment of several intervals during a single trip of the workstring.
Evo-Trieve® Bridge Plug
The Evo-Trieve retrievable bridge plug is a high performance retrievable monobore plugging device that is ISO 14310 V0 qualified to 7,500 psi and upto 325°F.
Focused Oval Pad
Wireline tool provides representative samples of a well's formation fluid, and can monitor up to eight fluid and formation properties. Also provides pressure gradient testing.
FS Fluid Loss Isolation Barrier Valve
The FS fluid loss isolation barrier valve provides a reliable, interventionless solution for fluid loss control in your completion eliminating potential formation damage.
GEM™ Elemental Analysis Tool
Offering quick and precise evaluations of complex mineralogies, our GEM™ elemental analysis tool uses proven interpretation processes and integrated petrophysical analysis. A neutron-induced capture gamma-ray spectroscopy logging system, the GEM tool derives elemental contributions contained within the total measured gamma-ray energy spectrum.
GeoBalance® Service
GeoBalance® Managed Pressure Drilling service can dramatically decrease non-productive time (NPT) and reduce drilling days to improve economics in applications where wellbore mechanics prevent use of conventional techniques.
Geo-Pilot® Dirigo Rotary Steerable System
The Geo-Pilot® Dirigo system is the only rotary steerable system that can achieve consistent higher build rates in large hole sizes. Now you can reap the benefits of rotary steerable drilling with build rates previously only achievable with conventional mud motors.
Geo-Pilot® Duro™ Rotary Steerable System
The Geo-Pilot Duro is a rotary steerable system (RSS) engineered for improved durability and performance in harsh environments, where optimal drilling efficiency, trip time, and mud-loss control are essential.
HCS AdvantageOne™ Cementing Skid
The HCS AdvantageOne™ skid system is the next generation of cementing and well-control pump performance for ultra-deep water.
HCS Advantage™ Cementing System Skid
Twin HT-400™ pump cementing skid designed for hazardous area installation.
HF-1 Packer
HF-1 premium packer is a single-string, retrievable, cased-hole packer that features a facility for bypass of multiple electrical and/or hydraulic control lines. Available for use as both the top production packer and as one of many lower packers isolating adjacent zones, the HF-1 packer can operate under higher loads and greater pressures than standard production packers.
High-Frequency Dielectric Tool (HFDT™) Tool
The HFDT-I (High Frequency Dielectric tool) is a pad type tool intended to provide the porosity filled with water in the near borehole region of the formation as well as its salinity.
Honey Comb Base (HCB™) Tanks
Designed for the reliable discharge of bulk materials from pneumatic silos
Hostile Sequential Formation Tester (HSFT-II™) Tool
Our Hostile Sequential Formation Tester (HSFT-IITM) tool delivers sizzling performance in extreme temperatures. This tester acquires formation pressure data and fluid samples under extreme conditions—up to 450°F (232°C), 30,000 psi, and in boreholes as small as 4 in. in diameter.
Hostile WaveSonic® Tool
Our small-diameter Hostile WaveSonic® Tool is the only high-temperature (HT) cross-dipole sonic tool in the industry capable of operating in your most extreme environments. Combinable with the HEAT™ Suite tools, if high temperature is your challenge, this service is the clear choice for your next HT evaluation.
HS Interval Control Valve (HS-ICV)
HS-ICV is designed for deepwater environments, and can withstand pressures up to 15,000 psi and temperatures up to 325ºF (163ºC)
The HYDRO-GUARD® system is a water-based drilling fluid designed to provide maximum shale stabilization in highly reactive clays.
ICE Core® Fluid Analysis Service
The RDT Integrated Characterization Section (ICS) expands measurements of fluid composition downhole by using ICE Core® fluid analysis technology. Based on a multivariate optical computing technique, this enables high-resolution hydrocarbons composition to be measured.
iCem® Service
Runs various simulations according to specific wellbore architecture design data provided by the operator. Based on computational fluid dynamics and finite element analysis, the simulations help enable the evaluation and optimization of cement designs to specifically address the operational and long-term parameters of individual wells.
Inflow Tech® Test Packer
The CleanWell® Inflow Tech® test packer is designed to perform isolated negative or positive inflow tests on downhole liner tops. The tool has top and bottom connections and can be run in conjunction with other wellbore cleaning tools, thereby promoting “single-trip” displacement runs.
Intercept® Retrievable Bridge Plug
The Intercept retrievable bridge plug (RBP) is a gas-tight, well-suspension plug ideal for dual-barrier applications.
Isolizer™ Centralizer
The Isolizer™ centralizer is an optimized solution for tight-tolerance applications.
LockCem™ and LockSeal™ Cement Systems
LockCem™ cement represents a Portland cement and resin blend; LockSeal™ cement is the foam version of the slurry system.
Lockjar® Multi-Conductor E-Line Hydraulic Jar
Simple, effective device for freeing a stuck tool string during openhole logging
LO-GardSM Service
New technology for fluid loss control helps improve gravel packcompletion results.
LOGIQ® Openhole Logging Platform
Halliburtons breakthrough design for openhole logging platform and cased-hole logging. PC-based surface system brings new capabilities and ergonomics to wellsite workstations.
MaxFire™ Electronic Firing System
Halliburton now offers the MaxFire™ electronic firing system, an ultrahigh-pressure 40,000-psi (276-MPa), fully programmableelectronic firing system. This unmatched technology is alsocapable of low pressure-cycle operation, and allows for immediateor delayed detonation.
MaxForce® Perforating Shaped Charges
The next-generation shaped charge, MaxForce perforating shaped charges delivers maximum propulsion and greater depth of penetration to improve perforation in hard to penetrate conditions.
Memory Production Logging (MPLSM) Service
Memory Production Logging Service employs downhole memory to record accurate flow profiles and diagnostics, then plays back its captured data when tools are retrieved.
MRIL® Magnetic Resonance Imaging Logging
Wireline logging service accurately and directly measures key factors that influence the ability of a well to produce commercial quantities of oil or gas.
MRIL®-Prime Magnetic Resonance Imaging Logging Service
With an extremely high signal-to-noise ratio, our Magnetic Resonance Imaging Logging-Prime (MRIL®-Prime) service is engineered to look 360 degrees around the borehole. Combining our nine measurement volumes with our advanced acquisition and signal processing methods, all nine measurements can operate continuously and independently. What that means for you—faster logging, no idle time, and all applications accomplished in a single pass.
MRIL®-WD™- Sensor
LWD tool provides a direct measurement of the reservoir's total porosity while drilling in hole sizes up to 10 5/8 inches.
MRIL®-XL Magnetic Resonance Imaging Logging Service
Our Magnetic Resonance Imaging Logging-XL (MRIL®-XL) service builds upon the highly successful MRIL technology to deliver the same high-quality nuclear magnetic resonance (NMR) measurements in a larger borehole range. The most complex and demanding wells now include boreholes of 12¼ to 15 in. Our MRIL-XL service will log wells up to 16 in. in diameter. Even more impressive, the tool’s slim profile also enables logging in wellbores as small as 7⅞ in.
MRIL-2D Fluid Characterization
Robust gas identification and quantification from two NMR dimensions (T1 and T2) is now offered with both the MRIL-XL and MRIL-Prime services
N-FLOW™ Filter Cake Breaker Systems
Baroid’s N-FLOW™ system provides optimal filter cake and formation damage removal.
Offset Vertical Seismic Profile VSP
Offset, Walkaway and 3D VSPs image the formation in one or more directions laterally away and beneath the wellbore.
Oil Mud Reservoir Imager (OMRI™) Tool
Our Oil Mud Reservoir Imager (OMRI™) tool is a microresistivity imaging tool specially developed to work on wells drilled with oil-based mud. The tool generates crisp images of the borehole resistivity with an azimuthal resolution of 0.4 in. and a vertical resolution of 1 in. The tool has six articulated (in two axis) caliper arms. Each pad contains six resistivity sensors, providing a total of 36 microresistivity measurements circumferentially around the borehole.
On-the-Fly (OTF) Mixer
The On-The-Fly (OTF) Mixer is a thorough, high-performance fluid blending, portable piece of equipment for your riserless drilling applications.
PetroGuard® Openhole Shunt System
PetroGuard® Openhole Shunt system for sand screens is a design improvement on field-proven equipment to enhance gravel-packing operations in production intervals.
Pulsonix® TFA Service
The Halliburton Pulsonix® Tuned Frequency Amplitude (TFA) service is an innovative process to help optimize near-wellbore treatment effectiveness.
Quasar Pulse™ Extreme-Temperature M/LWD Service
Integrated LWD service for high-temperature operation, up to 200°C (392°F), providing gamma ray, directional survey, borehole pressure and drill-string vibration measurements.
Red Zone® FracPac™ Systems
Halliburton’s Red Zone® FracPac™ systems incorporate the Multi-Position Service Tool (MPT) with Versa-Trieve®VBA packers to provide for ultra high-rate, large proppant volume, sand control pumping treatments.
RELAY™ Digital Slickline System
In an industry where time is money, the ability to optimize well interventions and make decisions quickly is invaluable. Introducing the RELAY™ system
Reservoir Description Tool (RDT™) Tool
Wireline formation pressure testing and sampling runs should be quick, completed in a single descent, provide pure single phase fluid samples, and deliver the required pressure tests along with the associated mobilities and pressure gradients. The Halliburton Reservoir Description Tool (RDT™) employs several best in class features to help you meet these goals.
RezConnect® Well Testing System
The RezConnect® Well Testing System is the industry’s FIRST fully acoustically actuated Drill Stem Test (DST) system powered by Halliburton’s proven DynaLink® Telemetry System.
Rotary Sidewall Coring (RSCT™) Tool
Acquires up to 60 core samples in a single run, providing undistorted samples for a range of petrophysical testing and analysis, free of micro-fractures typical in percussion cores.
SeaWave Offshore Water Treatment Service
Halliburton’s SeaWave service offers a versatile solution for effective and consistent processing of water for discharge for offshore completions and production. The SeaWave unit relies on electrocoagulation to destabilize particulate and break oil/water emulsions, typically achieving 99% reduction in contaminants.
Smart Release Tool
The Halliburton Smart Release tool (SRT) was designed for use in deepwater wells, as a contingency for releasing from the tool string if the bottomhole assembly becomes stuck
SmartPlex® Downhole Control System
The SmartPlex® downhole control system is an electro-hydraulic multi-drop system that provides simple and reliable zonal control of multiple valves (12) in a single wellbore with a minimum number of the control lines.
SPECTRUMSM Real-Time Coiled Tubing Services
SPECTRUMSM Real-Time Coiled Tubing Services combines intervention and diagnostic services to help operators monitor and optimize job performance in real time, resulting in greater efficiency, increased reliability, and higher return on investment.
SSR-II™ Subsurface Release II Cementing Plug System
Used to remotely release cementing plugs at a selected subsurface depth.
Stim Star IV
Gulf of Mexico
Subsea Pigging and Hydrostatic Testing Unit (SPHU)
The latest generation SPHU has the ability to change mode while subsea, from pigging to hydrostatic testing mode
Swellpacker® Zonal Isolation System
The Swellpacker® swellable elastomer zonal isolation system is a packer based on the swelling properties of rubber in hydrocarbon.
TDReam™ Tool
Reducing Rathole Length While Increasing Risk Mitigation
Tension-Assist Capstan System
As part of our integrated risk management system, our 18,000-lb tension-assist capstan is designed to handle virtually any situation. We can prevent cable damage at higher tensions than ever before. In deep and ultradeep wells, this capstan is a critical component that enables us to complete your operation safely.
TightGasXpert℠ Interpretation Service
Advanced Tight Gas Reservoir Analysis. Since unconventional tight gas sands demonstrate much higher matrix permeability than organic source rocks, a tailored asset solution also exists to both optimize and predict fracture flow performance from these reservoirs.
TurboForce™ Fixed Cutter Drill Bits
TurboForce™ impregnated drill bits feature such innovations as continuous shoulder design, mass balancing, greater diamond content and active gauge geometry that enable these bits to drill greater footage, faster, in challenging turbine drilling applications.
Turbopower™ Turbodrills
Engineered to help operators maximize asset value by reducing well time and lowering cost per foot in hard and abrasive formations and high-temperature environments.
VertiSteer™ Vertical Drilling Tool
The VertiSteer™ tool is a mechanical drilling technology with vertical correction capability used to achieve and maintain a vertical wellbore path without intervention.
Veto™ Subsea Safety Systems
Halliburton Veto™ is a suite of direct hydraulic subsea safety systems that allow customers to safely conduct well tests, deploy completions, and perform workovers in particularly harsh, deepwater environments.
WaterWeb® Water Control
WaterWeb® Water Control Uses unique polymer chemistry to help create oil-water separation in the reservoir, impeding water flow and enhancing hydrocarbon flow to the wellbore.
Xaminer® Array Sonic Tool
Our Xaminer® Array Sonic Tool (XAST) service offers simultaneous monopole and crossed-dipole sonic information. P-wave and S-wave slowness can be obtained in a range of formation conditions, borehole sizes, and even extreme borehole hydrostatic pressures. This ultra-reliable far-spaced monopole and crossed-dipole tool can also estimate minimum and maximum principal stresses and stress-field orientation.
Xaminer® Coring Tool
Our Xaminer® Coring Tool sets the bar for large-diameter cores in deep water. Our versatile, reliable coring tool is a new approach for acquiring multiple sidewall core samples. The service is engineered to provide a combination of high-speed bit rotation, torque, and bit advancement for optimal drilling performance.
Xaminer® Hostile Formation Tester (XHT)
The search for hydrocarbons in HP/HT conditions should not exclude the collection of PVT samples and formation pressures. Over the last decade, Halliburton has led the way in obtaining formation pressure and samples in hostile environments. Using the same proven reliability and durability, our Xaminer® Hostile Formation Tester (XHT™) service delivers these critical evaluation components at 450°F (232°C) and 35,000 psi. Using new technology pump designs, it builds upon the proven platform of the HSFT-II™ tool.
Xaminer® Sonic Imager
Our Xaminer® Sonic Imager (XSI) service provides high-fidelity data via its quiet tool design, hybrid onboard memory and real-time wireline telemetry data paths, and advanced processing capabilities. The state-of-the-art design enables characterization of seismic properties, geomechanics, and completion needs in a wide range of reservoirs.
XBAT™ Azimuthal Sonic and Ultrasonic LWD Service
LWD sonic tool with multipole transmitters and four azimuthal receiver arrays along with a 4-pinger acoustic caliper.
XR™ Reamer
The XR™ reamer tool is Halliburton’s premium hole enlargement tool, engineered for reliability and to minimize vibrations
XtremeGrip™ Expandable Liner Hanger System
Ideal for use in deepwater and offshore applications and wherever long liners are deployed, the XtremeGrip™ system is designed to mitigate risks and maintain hang-weight capabilities at elevated temperatures.
Zero-Offset Vertical Seismic Profiles
Even in deviated wellbores and complex structures, the higher frequency of our Zero-Offset VSP produces greater vertical resolution than surface seismic for a much higher-resolution“subsurface image” of the near well corridor stack.
ZoneSeal® Isolation Process
A fully engineered zonal isolation process with automated controls to deliver the benefits of light-weight (foam) cement during placement and for the life of the well.
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