High Completion Cost



Given the high costs of completions in the Lower Tertiary trend, how can I mitigate risk and ensure safety and reliability?


Numerous discoveries in the Lower Tertiary have proven that there are plenty of hydrocarbons to be had in these deep rocks, but high completion costs can sideline a project. Frac packing multiple zones in fewer trips can reduce rig time resulting in lower costs, and improve reservoir producibility. When frac packing long, unconsolidated producing intervals, operators should seek higher performance tools that reduce completion costs and completion risk.

Halliburton’s specialized tools combine the fracture treating and gravel packing processes into a single tool system that requires only one trip into the well, which is essential in the well construction process of these ultra-deepwater wells. Our system is the most robust multizone system available, offering the highest frac rating and highest proppant volume in the industry.

Investing in subsurface modeling can create comprehensive, fit-for-purpose pumping and perforation strategies, which can prevent costly problems later in the project. Halliburton’s software evaluation packages can determine the dynamic pressure behavior during the perforation event, which can help achieve the bottomhole treating pressure needed, securing the most benefit from your perforating operations. The software can also be utilized to examine whether or not potential problems may occur that can lead to catastrophic and costly results.

Having a detailed understanding of completion equipment in the wellbore is critical to completion operations, and can save operator’s time and money.

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