Geothermal Energy

Clean, renewable and plentiful, geothermal energy holds huge promise worldwide

Economically produced around the world, geothermal is a current or potential source of energy for many countries. In addition, EGS (enhanced geothermal systems) initiatives have the potential of opening up new opportunities for producers to access even deeper, hotter, more energy "rich" geothermal reservoirs. Taken together, it's easy to see why the interest and investment in geothermal is projected to run high for decades to come.

Since the 1950s, Halliburton has been a full service leader in geothermal technology and processes

To date, we have significant geothermal project experience around the world, in countries including the U.S., the Philippines, Indonesia, Japan, Australia, New Zealand, Costa Rica, Mexico, Germany, Denmark, Sweden and Kenya. Available to producers worldwide, Halliburton's technology, products and services address every aspect of geothermal: consulting/project management, drilling, cementing, fluids, logging, completions and stimulation.

Halliburton's core technologies are providing key support for potentially expanded EGS output

While "conventional" geothermal operations remain an important focus for Halliburton, a great deal of attention is being paid to the industry's developing EGS activity. The need to economically access, enhance (via rock fracturing and water injection) and produce significantly higher amounts of electricity is being addressed by a host of Halliburton technologies and processes. Designed for both traditional and EGS geothermal projects, these resources include our unique reverse foam cementing process, corrosive-resistant casing centralizers, acidizing process designed for use in environmentally sensitive areas, electromagnetic telemetry (EMT) service, micro seismic fracture diagnostic technology, high pressure pumping and the industry's leading fracturing capabilities, and experience.

Geothermal Energy - Cementing Solutions for Geothermal Wells

Geothermal Energy - Cementing Solutions for Geothermal Wells

Thermal Cements and Corrosion-Resistant Cements - Halliburton offers a full line of thermal cements rated for high temperatures and designed to resist temperature-related degradation. If long-term zonal isolation is at risk due to harsh CO2 environments, Halliburton has a number of CO2 resistant cements.

Geothermal Energy - Cementing Solutions for Geothermal Wells
Geothermal Energy - Nonstop Data Transmission

Geothermal Energy - Nonstop Data Transmission

Halliburton's Electromagnetic Telemetry (EMT) Tech Works Without Fluid
Solving a major geothermal challenge, Halliburton’s EMT MWD/LWD system allows for uninterrupted data transmission without a continuous fluid column, providing an alternative to negative and positive pulse telemetry systems.
Geothermal Energy - Nonstop Data Transmission
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