Obsidian® Bridge Plugs

The Obsidian® bridge plug is designed for isolating perforated intervals or portions of a wellbore.  The unique material used in its construction and ease of drilling makes the Obsidian bridge plug ideal for horizontal applications.

Features and Benefits

  • Consists of composites and a packer set, giving it no ferrous metal content
  • Isolates a lower zone during squeeze cementing operations
  • Functions as a bridge plug in multizone stimulation treatments
  • Saves rig time and reduces casing damage caused by long drillout processes
  • Drills out with conventional tricone, PDC, or with junk-mill bits

Returns found after drillout of the Obsidian® bridge plug

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Summary Fas Drill® Ultra Frac Plug Aug 2018
Summary Obsidian® Prime Frac Plug May 2018
Summary Obsidian® Frac Plug Jan 2018
Summary Fas Drill® Ultra Frac Plugs Reduce Time and Difficulty of Millout Operations Sep 2017
Summary Record-Setting Lateral Completion Achieved with Obsidian® Plugs Sep 2016
Summary Fas Drill® Bridge Plug Jun 2014
Summary Obsidian® Frac Plug Oct 2013
Summary Obsidian® Bridge Plug Oct 2013
Summary Fas Drill® Frac Plug Jul 2013
Summary Fas Drill® Frac Plug Jun 2013
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