Fas Drill® SVB Squeeze Packers

The Fas Drill® SVB (Sliding Valve Brass) Packer has a stinger-operated sliding valve that holds pressure from both directions. The sliding valve is opened and closed with workstring manipulation. When weight is placed on the set packer, the sliding valve opens. When pipe weight is lifted from the packer and the stinger is removed from the packer bore, the sliding valve closes, which isolates cement below the packer from the pressure and fluid above the packer.


The Fas Drill® SVB Squeeze Packer is designed for use at temperatures ranging from 50 to 250°F (10 to 121°C), and differential pressures up to 5,000 psi (34 474 kPa). The packer has minimal ferrous metal content, which allows for easy drillout.

Fas Drill® SVB Squeeze Packers

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Summary Fas Drill® SVB packer provides isolation for high-volume cement squeeze job Nov 2015
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