Fas Drill® Squeeze Packers

The Fas Drill® Squeeze Packer has a one way poppet-valve cement retainer that checks backflow and pressure from below the packer after remedial cementing operations. Designed for use at temperatures ranging from 50 to 250°F (10 to 121°C), the packer has minimal ferrous metal content, which allows for easy drillout. The poppet does not restrict fluid movement through the packer from above.

Features and Benefits

  • Each tool consists of composites and a packer set, with only minimal ferrous metal content.
  • The packer can be drilled out with conventional tricone or junk-mill bits.
  • The packer can function as cement retainers in squeeze cementing operations on land-based or offshore rigs, in vertical or deviated wells.
  • The composite packer design reduces drillout time, resulting in shorter rig times and less likelihood of casing damage.

Related Information

Related Information

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