EZ Drill® SVB Squeeze Packer

The EZ Drill® SVB Squeeze Packer has a brass mandrel that is stronger and more ductile than the cast-iron mandrel in EZ Drill SV Squeeze Packers. As a result, the packer can absorb greater tensile and impact loads as well as greater internal pressures. The brass mandrel is as easily drilled as the castiron mandrel of the EZ Drill SV Squeeze Packer.

The valve arrangement improves performance in high-temperature and high-pressure areas, especially when the valve is cycled repeatedly. The valve also performs well when it is cycled under conditions in which fluid cannot be held static, especially when there is pressure or flow from below.

EZ Drill® SVB Squeeze Packer

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Summary Single-trip solution to set packer and perform negative test saves operator rig time and $1.8 million Oct 2015
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