Illusion® Frac Plug


The Illusion® dissolvable frac plug is the latest addition to the Halliburton Unconventional Completions portfolio. This high-performance frac plug provides zonal isolation for reservoir stimulation and combines Halliburton's industry-leading frac plug designs with the most advanced dissolvable metal and rubber materials. This fully dissolvable plug helps reduce the risk and cost associated with conventional plug removal and upon complete dissolution, provides an entire wellbore ID for future operations.

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Illusion plugs are currently available in 4 1/2-in. and 5 1/2-in. casing sizes, with a differential pressure rating of 10,000 psi.

  • Made from materials that dissolve over time based on temperature and salinity
  • Large ID to assist immediate flowback and well cleanup
  • Designed for accelerated pumpdown rates
  • High-performance metal plug for demanding frac stimulations

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Drilling Contractor Interview

Halliburton expert shares insights about the Illusion® Frac Plug at SPE ATCE 2015.

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Summary Illusion® Plug Saves Operator Approximately USD $515,000 Jun 2018
Summary Illusion® Frac Plug Helps Provide Optimum Zonal Isolation and Regains Full Casing ID Post Stimulation May 2017
Summary Illusion® Frac Plug Helps Operator Save $200,000 Jan 2017
Summary Illusion® Frac Plugs Save Time and Reduce Overall Completion Cost Dec 2016
Summary Illusion® Frac Plugs Help Eliminate Post-Fracturing Treatment Intervention Aug 2016
Summary Illusion® Frac Plug Helps Eliminate High-Risk Millout Operations May 2016
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