Prevention Services

Save time and money by reducing the frequency and consequences of critical well events

Identification and management of risks are important aspects of business management. It is even more relevant when we talk about oil and gas exploration and production fields. Our prevention programs and services can help save time and money by reducing the frequency and consequences of critical well events.

Prevention Services fall in the following categories:

  • Well Control Contingency Planning Services
  • Well Control Audits
  • Well-based Underground Storage
  • Emergency Response Drills
  • Drill Well on Paper
  • Hazard Operability Study
  • Hazard Identification Study

In addition, Boots & Coots offers easy access to emergency dispatch and to customer's contingency plans through its WellCall® Mobile Application.

Prevention Services

Drill Well on Paper
Drill Well on Paper (DWOP) is a process for analyzing each step of well construction to help identify opportunities for performance improvement and cost reduction.
Hazard and Operability Study (HazOp)
The Boots & Coots Hazard and Operability Study (HazOp) helps identify and evaluate problems that may represent risks to personnel, equipment or project efficiency.
Hazard Identification Study (HazID)
The Hazard Identification Study (HazID) is an analysis that helps identify hazards that could cause injury to personnel, asset damage or loss, environmental damage, loss of production, or liability/litigation.
WellCall® Mobile Application
Smart phone application enables easy access to Boots & Coots emergency dispatch and a site specific Well Control Contingency Plan.
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Summary Boots & Coots Safely Kills Six-Well, Single-Pad Blowout Sep 2016
Summary In War Zone, Boots & Coots Fights Infamous Kuwaiti Oilfield Fires of 1991 with Abrasive Jet Cutting System Sep 2016
Summary Boots & Coots Rapidly Intercepts Blowout in Argentina Sep 2016
Summary Source Control Operations Achieve Success on Offshore Drilling Platform Aug 2016
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Do You Know What To Do in a Well Control Emegency?

Emergency Response Training will help you when you need it most. Learn with the well control experts, review procedures, case history, videos and end with a drill so you are prepared.

24/7 well control or response assistance:

+1-281-931-8884 or
+1-281-931-8884 or 1-800-BLOWOUT
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