Well Control Audits

Reduce time and cost of well control issues by identifying risks and taking corrective action

Boots & Coots Services offers a variety of inspection and auditing services that help our clients identify and correct issues with their equipment, processes, and personnel.

We use our expert knowledge of processes, standards, regulations, and industry best practices to create a quantitative analysis comparing operational practices with benchmarked standards. The audit focuses on the identification of common well control issues during operations and goes beyond subjective evaluation. It gives our clients accurate consequence analysis and thorough recommendations for corrective actions.

We also offer a unique web-based action-tracking program that clients can use to see the status of action items as they are implemented.

Boots & Coots audit services include:

  • Well Control Readiness Audit
  • Wellhead Audit
  • Well Control Proficiency Assessment
  • Frac Audit
  • Hydraulic Workover-Completion Audit
  • Coiled Tubing Audit
  • Snubbing Audit
  • Flowback Audit
  • Wireline Audit
  • Offshore Audit
  • Jack-Up Audit
  • Third Party OEM Witnessing
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Related Information

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