Integrated Workovers

Providing efficient solutions to your challenges

Workovers can be complex, difficult, and highly unpredictable. Efficiency depends on being able to react quickly to changeable events. Halliburton Project Managers develop and execute plans that analyze and mitigate risk through contingency planning.

As one of the world’s largest oilfield service companies, Halliburton can handle the vast majority of potential issues you might encounter. Through access to a wide range of in-house services, equipment, and expertise, Halliburton project managers can help you prepare for and efficiently manage any contingency. However, when outside expertise is necessary, Halliburton project managers will source and hire third parties.

Mitigating risk requires thorough analysis and contingency planning. Halliburton manages large workover portfolios on a multi-year basis around the world. In the Gulf of Mexico, Ecuador, and Russia, as well as other locations, we manage field operations to the entire business process. In the Middle East, where clients have some of the world’s largest workover needs, Halliburton Project Management has earned a reputation for workover efficiency.

Halliburton can help you stimulate and complete wells, manage interventions and wellhead maintenance, install electric submersible pumps, reduce water cut, ensure well integrity, deepen wells, develop sidetracks and much more to efficiently provide solutions to your challenges.

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