Hydra-Blast® Pro Service


Hydra-Blast® Pro Service


The Hydra-Blast® Pro service offers enhanced capability for cleaning wellbore tubulars. It is a total service package that removes the scales, cakes, gunks, paraffins, and sludges that can kill production or injection rates.

Slow rotation for longer dwell time

The tool's cleaning head rotates more slowly than many conventional rotational tools for longer dwell time and increased efficiency, thereby allowing complete cleaning coverage in only one pass.

Halliburton introduced the Hydra-Blast service cleaning process the Hydra-Blast service tool. Now, Hydra-Blast Pro Service achieves the next level of performance.

 Features and Benefits

  • Safer than using explosive or chemical cuts
  • Service performed without kiling the well
  • Pre-job software analysis helps improve results and reduce costs
  • Uses no mills or abrasives, reducing wear on tubulars
  • Can clean diameters much larger than the tool OD 
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Related Information

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