CoilSweep® Wellbore Cleaning Service

CoilSweep® service combines our coiled tubing expertise and fluid technology for optimum cleaning efficiency.

CoilSweep addresses the problems associated with cleaning sand and debris from large diameter, deviated or horizontal wellbores.

The CoilSweep service is a three-tiered engineered service

  • Service tool wash nozzle provides optimum cleaning efficiency for wiper trips
  • Fluid systems address critical factors, including carrying ability, friction pressures and minimizing formation damage
  • Cleanout treatment design software models pump pressure, flow rates, velocity profiles, predicted bed growth, and equivalent circulation densitites, for both foamed and conventional fluids


  • More efficient cleanouts
  • Higher returned permability
  • More economical than previous approaches
  • Capable of gelling any clear fluid for optimum rheeology
  • Requires less time on location


CoilSweep® Wellbore Cleaning Service

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Summary Well cleanout achieved allowing acquisition of high quality production logging data Jan 2015
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