CoilCommSM Service

The Halliburton CoilCommSM coiled tubing service provides real-time approach to help maximize well-production performances and the success rates of interventions. With CoilComm service, you have the access to accurate depth correlation and temperature and pressure profiles identifying which zones are benefitting from a stimulation treatment and which are being bypassed in a single trip. For jetting and underbalanced operations, you can measure the fluid top and optimize the quantity of injected product, effectively reducing costs.  

CoilComm service monitoring capabilities include distributed fiber sensing technologies such as distributed temperature sensing (DTS) and distributed acoustic sensing (DAS).

With the uniquely engineered CoilComm service, the optical fiber can be installed inside various coiled-tubing sizes depending on wellbore requirements. More conventional deployment methods can require permanent, casing-conveyed, or tractor-in conveyance, which can be expensive, limited, and risky. Deploying fiber-optic sensing technologies in coiled tubing is a more efficient and economical method for continuous real-time monitoring of horizontal well conditions.

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