PressurePulse™ Service

Provides critical data for managing pipeline performance

The PressurePulse™ service is a non-intrusive method used for diagnosing deposits or blockages in your oil and gas pipelines, wellbores or flowlines – and it's done with little to no interruption of your daily production and throughput activities. Analysis of critical data collected by the "pressure wave" technology will increase your understanding of a given pipeline transportation system—from end to end—and provide valuable insight for decisive asset performance management.

The PressurePulse service is a low risk, fast and accurate technique used to map the quantity and distribution of what may be limiting the throughput of the pipeline system, such as wax, hydrate, stuck pig or tool. A pressure wave is created at one end of the pipeline and travels through its entire length at the speed of sound. A reflected signature wave is returned, which corresponds to actual conditions within the pipeline, including:

  • Changes in flow velocity from deposits/debris
  • Changes in medium properties, such as density, viscosity and phase

Using propriety software, the technician analyzes the signal response and generates a visual profile of the pipeline's internal diameter readings for your online viewing.


  • Increased confidence before running a maintenance pig, if no pigging history
  • Track scheduled maintenance operations, such as a chemical cleaning program
  • Make better decisions regarding a high-risk pipeline
  • Conduct a comparative survey, or baseline survey during pre-commissioning
  • Detect an unknown pipeline feature (tee, wye)
  • Report and recommendation on pipeline diagnosis and analysis from Halliburton experts

PressurePulse™ Service

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Summary Operator Uses Pressure Wave Technology to Accurately Locate Stuck Tool in High-Risk Pipeline Sep 2017
Summary Pipeline Operator Gains Key Information on Severe Wax Deposits in Critical Pipeline Sep 2017
Summary Operator Efficiently Resolves Pigging Complications During Offshore Pipeline Wax Removal Sep 2017
Summary Operator Quickly Diagnoses Root Cause of Back Pressure in Pipeline Sep 2017
Summary Pigging Campaign Uses PressurePulse™ Service for Efficient Wax Removal Jun 2017
Summary Pipeline Operator Prepares to Disconnect and Abandon Offshore Oil Fields Jun 2017
Summary Removing blockage of a 40-km subsea gas export pipeline offshore Brazil without cutting pipe Mar 2015
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