Chemical Cleaning Services

    Proven Technology for Preoperational, Operational and Decommissioning Applications

    Proven Technology for Preoperational, Operational and Decommissioning ApplicationsOver 40 years of chemical cleaning experience enables Halliburton to offer best-in-class technology for preoperational, operational and decommissioning operations in the petrochemical, refining, utility and process industries.

    Single-Fill Methods Minimize Cleaning Time and Waste Disposal Costs

    Minimizing both downtime and environmental impact are critical to achieving cost-effective cleaning operations. Halliburton’s single-fill methods dramatically reduce waste volume and cleaning time when compared to traditional multi-fill cleaning methods. Single-fill methods are available for cleaning a broad range of equipment including boilers, process tanks, transfer piping, pipelines, refinery process equipment, heat transfer systems, utility systems and pulp and paper process equipment.

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    Related Information

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