Downhole Microseismic Monitoring

Microseismic Monitoring

Pinnacle pioneered real-time microseismic mapping services in the petroleum industry and has been performing fracture mapping services for over 20 years. Microseismic fracture mapping provides an unparalleled 4D measurement of the induced microseismicity associated with hydraulic fracturing. The locations of the microseismic events are obtained using a downhole and/or surface array of highly sensitive geophones. Pinnacle employs sophisticated techniques to model the subsurface and accurately locate microseismic events, which allows operators to evaluate their stimulation decisions in real-time.

FracHeight® Service
Pinnacle continues to be the leader in innovating and optimizing microseismic interpretation for unconventional reservoirs.
FracTrac® Microseismic Fracture Mapping Service
Pinnacle Technologies offers FracTrac® microseismic fracture mapping service, a diagnostic technique that measures created hydraulic fracture dimensions and azimuth.
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Related Information

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