Reservoir Monitoring Service

For over nearly two decades Pinnacle’s Microdeformation-based Reservoir Monitoring Service has provided operators with the subsurface insight they need to both mitigate operational risk and optimize operations. With extreme high sensitivity and temporal resolution of ground motion, a Microdeformation monitoring system is ideally suited to identify when, where, how and why volumetric change is occurring within a reservoir.

Microdeformation has been employed by producers worldwide to help provide insight to a broad range of issues, including: 


  • Providing early warning of impending casing failure or fluid conformance issues
  • Detecting and characterizing fracture initiation and behavior
  • Understand how to efficiently drain a reservoir during secondary or tertiary recovery
  • Planning and optimizing an infill drilling program
  • Mapping plume injection and migration of steam, CO2, water and waste injection programs
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Related Information

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