Pinnacle provides industry-unique integration of microseismic, tiltmeter, and fiber optic technologies to maximize completion efficiency and production economics.

Pinnacle provides a unique combination of fracture and reservoir consulting services, award-winning fracture diagnostic and reservoir monitoring technologies, all recognized worldwide for enhancing production economics.

Pinnacle’s fracture diagnostic and reservoir monitoring technologies are aligned with Halliburton's fracturing and acidizing capabilities to provide more than data; we provide insight and a comprehensive solution to maximize reservoir yields in today’s complex assets. Pinnacle also designs, manufactures, sells and installs fiber-optic-based pressure and temperature monitoring equipment and systems.

Pinnacle does not sell "magic bullets" or catch-all solutions. Instead, our integrated approach provides our clients with the answers and practical solutions that they need.

Halliburton recently acquired SensorTran , a company that designs, produces, and markets the world’s most advanced fiber optic-based Distributed Temperature Sensing (DTS) systems.

Integrated Sensor Diagnostics

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Integrated Sensor Diagnostics
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