Iron Sulfide Dissolvers

Multi-Chem provides a number of specialty chemicals to remove iron sulfide, all specifically designed to attack your unique production challenges in the most effective way possible. Our approach is tailored to your own system conditions and operating parameters for the best in corrosion protection.


  • Increased production;
  • Increased performance of injection wells and reduced injection pressure;
  • Fewer equipment failures;
  • Decreased use of water clarifiers and emulsion breakers;
  • Removal of iron sulfide-related operational problems, including under-deposit corrosion;
  • Minimized release of toxic hydrogen sulfide in downstream fluids following treatment; and
  • Reduced or eliminated emulsions at separator interfaces caused by asphaltenes.
AcroClear® Sulfide Controller
AcroClear® sulfide controller consistently outperforms conventional chemical solutions, providing highly effective removal of iron sulfide in production and injection wells, and repairing near-wellbore damage caused by iron sulfide deposits and previous acid-jobs.
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Summary AcroClear® Sulfide Controller Sep 2015
Summary AcroCide Biocide Apr 2015
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