Multi-Chem, a Halliburton Service

Multi-Chem, a Halliburton Service, provides unparalleled technical expertise and superior local service through the cost-effective application of customized specialty chemicals for the life of your well.

But we don’t just provide oilfield chemicals; we provide an entire team of chemical consultants, singularly focused on getting you the right solution at the right time. As a Halliburton service, we can tailor an integrated approach to meet your needs from well design through production, so you get the most from your equipment and see the greatest return on your investments.

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Summary Multi-Chem Customizes Long-Term Corrosion Mitigation in High H2S Gathering System Dec 2015
Summary MultiSweet® Scavenger Treatment for H2S in Sales Oil Keeps Rail Cars Moving Dec 2015
Summary FAL® Service Proves Safer, More Cost-Effective Than Plunger Lifts Oct 2015
Summary Multi-Chem Delivers Superior Local Service with MultiSweet® H2S Scavenging and NGL Conditioning Oct 2015
Summary Geographic Information System + MVP 2.0™ Chemical Program Management Tool Helps Operator Meet Strict Pipeline Integrity Regulations Apr 2015
Summary Unique Matrix Treatment Boost Production 26 Percent in Mature Asset in Latin America Region Apr 2015
Summary Infrared Imaging Identifies Composition of Leak Contents, Leads to Solution Apr 2015
Summary Multi-Chem Thermal Imaging Leads to Effective Treatment for Paraffin Buildup Apr 2015
Summary Multi-Chem Identifies Cost-Effective Solvent Solutions for More Efficient Line Pigging Mar 2015
Summary Unconventional Corrosion Protection Solution Includes Monitoring Assistance in ‘Problem Area’ Mar 2015
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Deep Water

In offshore production, learn where complications can arise in your production system and how Multi-Chem can address your issues – substantially increasing the producing life of the well.

Mature Fields

See where problems can arise in your production system and how Multi-Chem can bring you an innovative suite of customized solutions that can help reduce your operating costs.


Multi-Chem's custom-designed chemicals and water management solutions help improve production in the development of unconventional oil and gas resources. Learn how.

CO2 Floods

CO2 floods can create unique and enhanced problems in your production system. See how and where they may occur and how Multi-Chem can provide solutions to these and other CO2 flood production and injection issues.


Managing water quality issues associated with steam production can be challenging. Learn how Multi-Chem's chemicals treat these issues to help optimize operations and reach production target rates.

Chemical EOR Floods

CEOR flooding enhances production rates while compounding produced fluid treatments and demanding high spec source water for the flooding processes. Learn how Multi-Chem can treat CEOR issues while providing project management to increase CEOR success.

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