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Deciding on an oil and gas chemical supplier can often times be difficult. At Multi-Chem, we make that decision easier for you. Safety, product design and superior local service are the only ways we know how to do business. What makes Multi-Chem truly different is our people, our chemical application and our commitment to always do the right thing.

Multi-Chem has the world’s foremost chemical experts, in the lab and in the field. We are problem solvers and solution finders. Our innovative solutions are designed to meet the complex chemical challenges associated with completion, production and pipeline transportation of oil and gas. These solutions are supported by local technical service through a network of warehouse/service centers, blending facilities, and a fleet of mobile labs.

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Summary Squeeze Treatment Recovers Production from an Under-Producing Well Aug 2018
Summary Operator Increases Gas Production Rate by 15% with Foamer Aug 2018
Summary Consecutive Treatments Enhance Biocide Efficacy During Water Flooding of Algerian Oilfield Aug 2018
Summary Continuous Injection of DeepSure Certified LDHI Outperforms Previous Hydrate Treatment Aug 2018
Summary Operator Returns Plugged SWD Well to Full Production with Customized Chemical Treatment Jun 2018
Summary Remediation of Asphaltenesin Deep Water Wells Results in 2,000 BOPD Production Increase Apr 2018
Summary Operator Prevents Paraffin Deposition in 20-mile Deep Water Subsea Tieback in GOM Jan 2018
Summary Combination Multi-Chem Biocide System Used to Cost-Effectively Save 650,000 Gallons of Water for Re-Use Jun 2017
Summary Bakken Operator Reduces Water Injection by 76% Jun 2017
Summary Operator in the Gulf of Mexico Successfully Inhibits High Molecular Weight Paraffin Oct 2016
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Chemical EOR Floods

CEOR flooding enhances production rates while compounding produced fluid treatments and demanding high spec source water for the flooding processes. Learn how Multi-Chem can treat CEOR issues while providing project management to increase CEOR success.

CO2 Floods

CO2 floods can create unique and enhanced problems in your production system. See how and where they may occur and how Multi-Chem can provide solutions to these and other CO2 flood production and injection issues.

Offshore Production

In offshore production, learn where complications can arise in your production system and how Multi-Chem can address your issues – substantially increasing the producing life of the well.

Onshore Production

See where problems can arise in your production system and how Multi-Chem can bring you an innovative suite of customized solutions that can help reduce your operating costs.

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