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Experienced in all aspects of midstream – including gathering systems, gas processing, transmission piping, product storage, and product transportation Multi-Chem can respond quickly to help when problems arise. Multi-Chem's pipeline treating and monitoring programs provide asset specific solutions and reporting that detail every stage in your customized program. We provide:

  • A proactive approach to corrosion control and the prevention of pipeline failures;
  • Comprehensive data related to issues, mitigation recommendations, and the costs of achieving your objectives;
  • A means for all necessary equipment maintenance, system monitoring, and electronic logging;
  • Midstream specific technical support for solving any issues encountered; and
  • Detailed reports with a chronological journal of every related action we take.

The midstream group is structured to provide the personnel, chemistries and expertise you need to meet any challenge head on and overcome it.

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Summary Multi-Chem Customizes Long-Term Corrosion Mitigation in High H2S Gathering System Dec 2015
Summary MultiSweet® Scavenger Treatment for H2S in Sales Oil Keeps Rail Cars Moving Dec 2015
Summary Geographic Information System + MVP 2.0™ Chemical Program Management Tool Helps Operator Meet Strict Pipeline Integrity Regulations Apr 2015
Summary Infrared Imaging Identifies Composition of Leak Contents, Leads to Solution Apr 2015
Summary Multi-Chem Thermal Imaging Leads to Effective Treatment for Paraffin Buildup Apr 2015
Summary Multi-Chem Identifies Cost-Effective Solvent Solutions for More Efficient Line Pigging Mar 2015
Summary Unconventional Corrosion Protection Solution Includes Monitoring Assistance in ‘Problem Area’ Mar 2015
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