Adaero™ Roller Cone Drill Bit

Reduces your costs while delivering durability and performance

The Adaero™ drill bit is a specialized roller cone bit designed for your less challenging drilling applications. It gives you a cost-effective alternative without compromising durability or performance.

The Adaero drill bit comes in both friction and roller bearing options. Each option is engineered to provide the durability required for its respective high-energy and low-energy drilling environments.

In conditions where the going gets tougher, you can select a number of enhancements to ensure maximum run longevity while minimizing early arm wear.

Specialized design — rugged, efficient, versatile

  • Optimized cutting structures
  • Options and enhancements to handle a variety of drilling environments
  • Superior durability and performance
  • Cost-effective solution

Together with advanced cutting structure designs from Halliburton, the Adaero drill bit delivers optimal efficiency and performance for your application.

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Related Information

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