Hard Rock Drill Bit Solutions

Hard Rock Drill Bits Every well is unique in its architecture and lithology. For example, the characteristics of hard rock and hard-to-drill geology include:

  • Highly abrasive
  • Slow drilling
  • Interbedded formations
  • Costly sections

Halliburton designs and builds drill bits to withstand the extreme challenges posed by hard rock and hard-to-drill formations—while delivering performance, superior ROP to dependably improve the customer’s return on investment. Whatever the hard rock challenge, Halliburton has a custom designed solution.

Cruzer™ Depth-of-cut Rolling Element
The Cruzer™ Depth-of-Cut Rolling Element is an enhancement feature available on Halliburton PDC fixed cutter drill bits.
Geotech® Fixed Cutter Drill Bits
Geotech® matrix- and steel-body bits are the next generation of PDC bits.
MegaForce™ Fixed Cutter Drill Bits
MegaForce™ matrix body designs comprise five new technologies that work together to create a significantly higher standard of performance for hard rock/abrasive rock drilling.
TurboForce™ Fixed Cutter Drill Bits
TurboForce™ impregnated drill bits feature such innovations as continuous shoulder design, mass balancing, greater diamond content and active gauge geometry that enable these bits to drill greater footage, faster, in challenging turbine drilling applications.
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Related Information


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