Hard Rock Drill Bit Solutions

Hard Rock Drill Bits Every well is unique in its architecture and lithology. For example, the characteristics of hard rock and hard-to-drill geology include:

  • Highly abrasive
  • Slow drilling
  • Interbedded formations
  • Costly sections

Halliburton designs and builds drill bits to withstand the extreme challenges posed by hard rock and hard-to-drill formations—while delivering performance, superior ROP to dependably improve the customer’s return on investment. Whatever the hard rock challenge, Halliburton has a custom designed solution.

Hard Rock Drill Bit Solutions

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Summary Matrix-body drill bits produce faster ROPs and longer runs May 2014
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FX Series™ Fixed Cutter PDC Drill Bits
FX Series™ PDC drill bits are custom designed to both meet the many and varied challenges of conventional drilling and deliver consistently high performance in the most demanding drilling environments.
MegaForce™ Drill Bits
Industry's Most Robust Matrix Body Drill Bit
SteelForce™ Drill Bits
Application-specific design is applied to the industry's most advanced steel body drill bit resulting in higher penetration rates and lower cost per foot drilled.
TurboForce Drill Bits
When applications become too abrasive for PDCs, TurboForce™ bits take over.
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