Hard Rock Drill Bit Solutions

Hard Rock Drill Bits Every well is unique in its architecture and lithology. For example, the characteristics of hard rock and hard-to-drill geology include:

  • Highly abrasive
  • Slow drilling
  • Interbedded formations
  • Costly sections

Halliburton designs and builds drill bits to withstand the extreme challenges posed by hard rock and hard-to-drill formations—while delivering performance, superior ROP to dependably improve the customer’s return on investment. Whatever the hard rock challenge, Halliburton has a custom designed solution.


MegaForce™ Drill Bits

The MegaForce™ bit features advanced SelectCutter™ PDC Technology, ultra-efficient cutter layout force balancing, improved erosion resistant matrix material and enhanced hydraulics.
SteelForce™  Drill Bits

SteelForce™ Drill Bits

Taking drill bit design to a higher level, the SteelForce™ bit features a large flow area, an anti-balling coating to help with cuttings removal and bit balling, and the addition of micronozzles to get the right flow to the right place on the bit face.
FX Series™ Conventional Fixed Cutter PDC Drill Bits
FX™ Hard Rock Fixed Cutter PDC Drill Bits
FX™ Rotary Steerable Fixed Cutter PDC Drill Bits
IQ Series™ Drill Bits
MegaForce™ Drill Bits
QuadPack® Plus Engineered Hydraulic Roller Cone Drill Bits
SteelForce™ Drill Bits
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