Fixed Cutter Drill Bits

As a leading drill bit solution provider, Halliburton continues to advance the evolution of fixed cutter bit technology, introducing innovations that have produced a "step-change" in application-specific PDC bit design.

Incorporating the most advanced PDC cutter technology available, Halliburton’s Fixed Cutter bits are designed with the “accumulated knowledge” of a proven design platform that incorporates state-of-the-art force management and drilling dynamics optimization technology.

This highly engineered design platform combines sophisticated modeling and analytical capabilities with a "tool box of options" for unmatched design capabilities, producing bits engineered to meet specific challenges:

  • Steerable applications
  • Hard rock formations
  • Deep unconventional wells
  • Turbine drilling

Because each application presents unique challenges to performance, the process of Design at the Customer Interface (DatCISM) process positions experienced design personnel side-by-side with the customer, and equips them with the most sophisticated drilling analysis software available, enabling application-specific design solutions to optimize detailed aspects of drill bit design.

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Summary DatCISM Process Helps Reduce Jul 2016
Summary Усовершенствование долот в процессе непосредственного взаимодействия с заказчиком ( DatCI) позволило сократить срок строительства скважины до 43,5% Jun 2016
Summary MegaForce™ Drill Bit Speeds through Hard, Abrasive Rock to Set Kuwait Field ROP Nov 2014
Summary TurboForce™ Diamond Impregnated Bits Power through Conglomerate to Deliver Record Runs in Congo Sep 2014
Summary Susquehanna County SteelForce™ Jul 2014
Summary Outstanding Performance in Extremely Abrasive Application Apr 2014
Summary MegaForce Bit Drill Longest, Fastest 8 3/8" Section in Abu Butabul Field Jul 2013
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Cruzer™ Depth-of-cut Rolling Element
The Cruzer™ Depth-of-Cut Rolling Element is an enhancement feature available on Halliburton PDC fixed cutter drill bits.
GeoTech™ Fixed Cutter Drill Bits
Halliburton's GeoTech™ drill bit offers customization for each unique run layout using IBitS™ and DatCI℠.
MegaForce™ Fixed Cutter Drill Bits
MegaForce™ matrix body designs comprise five new technologies that work together to create a significantly higher standard of performance for hard rock/abrasive rock drilling.
TurboForce™ Fixed Cutter Drill Bits
TurboForce™ impregnated drill bits feature such innovations as continuous shoulder design, mass balancing, greater diamond content and active gauge geometry that enable these bits to drill greater footage, faster, in challenging turbine drilling applications.
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