Rotary Steerable Drilling

Simultaneous hole enlargement with rotary steerable systems is becoming a common drilling application in offshore and deep offshore wells

While the reasons for hole enlargement might be different in each case, the challenges of determining the best tools for the application are common. As compared to conventional rotary steerable systems, drilling efficiency in simultaneous under-reaming operations might be lost because:

  • BHA component reliability is generally reduced
  • BHA vibration levels are increased while drilling and reaming
  • Hole cleaning while tripping out takes longer and it is more difficult
  • While drilling the casing shoe, drilling parameters are restricted to avoid under reamer involuntary activation
  • While drilling and reaming, enlarged hole gauge on drilling parameters, formation drilled, and directional work performed

Our hole enlargement products and services are engineered to help solve these problems and restore efficiency in your drilling operation.

NBR® Tool
The Near Bit Reamer tool has borehole enlargement capabilities up to 1.2 times the pilot hole diameter.
TDReam™ Tool
Reducing Rathole Length While Increasing Risk Mitigation
XR™ Reamer
The XR™ reamer tool is Halliburton’s premium hole enlargement tool, engineered for reliability and to minimize vibrations
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