Hole Enlargement

Halliburton’s hole enlargement solutions are customized around the drilling environment to deliver value to our customers

We have perfected high-performance downhole tools for hole enlargement, torque reduction and drag resistance improvement. Operators throughout the world rely on these special tools to improve the efficiency and lower the total cost of drilling and production programs. Hole enlargement refers to the operation of drilling a larger size than a pilot hole. Hole enlargement operations may be performed either simultaneously to drilling the pilot hole or after it has been drilled. There are two basic hole enlargement equipment types: a) the eccentric, and b) the concentric tools.

Eccentric tools use string rotation outside the hole axis to engage an eccentric cutting structure producing the final enlargement . Eccentric tools require dynamic BHA side loads to enlarge the hole - in drilling, this phenomenon is known as BHA whirling.

Concentric tools use rotation around the hole axis to engage an oversize cutting structure that can be expanded on demand or fixed, resulting in a hole larger than the pilot bit. Only concentric tools have been engineered to efficiently enlarge an already existing pilot hole without induced vibration.
Halliburton produces and commercializes only concentric enlargement tools because we understand drilling optimization is realized through the elimination of downhole vibration. Our hole enlargement solutions can help solve your day to day challenges regardless if you are using a rotary steerable BHA, a steerable motor BHA, or a conventional rotary drilling system.

Hole Enlargement

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Single Piece Hole Opener
Single Piece Hole Opener for Rotary Steerable Drilling Applications
TDReam™ Tool
Reducing Rathole Length While Saving Rig Time
XR Reamer
XR™ Reamer Hole Enlargement Tool
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