MegaForce™ Fixed Cutter Drill Bits

Industry's Most Robust Matrix Body Drill Bit

Drilling through the most challenging formations, the MegaForce™ bit features advanced SelectCutter™ PDC Technology, ultra-efficient cutter layout force balancing, improved erosion resistant matrix material and enhanced hydraulics.

Designed for an operator's specific application by one of our Application Design Evaluation (ADESM) service specialists using our industry-unique Design at the Customer Interface (DatCISM) service, the result is a matrix bit with a combination of higher ROP and longer intervals drilled than any other bit.


SelectCutter™ PDC Technology

Cutter stays sharper longer.

Multi-Level Force Balancing

Longer run intervals with maximum efficiency.

Premium Tungsten Carbide Matrix Material

Extends bit life, ensure longer runs at a higher ROP.

Enhanced Hydraulics

Reduces bit to bend distance for higher effective DLS capacity.

Optimized Shank Length

Reduces bit to bend distance for higher effective DLS capacity.

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Summary MegaForce™ Drill Bits Brochure May 2012
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