Drill Bits

Halliburton provides industry-leading, high-efficiency fixed cutter and roller cone drill bit solutions for reliable performance in a wide range of drilling environments.

Our complete line of matrix and steel-bodied drill bits utilize premium cutter technology to deliver best-in-class performance. Standard products include steel tooth and insert roller cone drill bits. The QuadPack® Plus bit series marks a significant advancement in roller cone technology to improve durability and enhance ROP.

Our Design at the Customer Interface (DatCISM) service network, allows us to deliver our region-specific optimized drill bits to a variety of unique operating environments.


Drill Bits

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Summary GeoTech™ Fixed Cutter Drill Bit cuts longer and faster with less wear at lower costs in Woodford Shale Mar 2015
Summary New GeoTech™ Fixed Cutter Drill Bit cuts further and faster with less wear in Williston Basin Mar 2015
Summary Integrated Drilling System with XR800 Hole Enlargement Tool Jan 2015
Summary QuadPack® Plus Roller Cone Bit Jan 2015
Summary Halliburton Drill Bits and Services FXG65 Bit Establishes New Tsimin Field ROP Record of 31.75 m/hr Jan 2015
Summary Tandem XR™ Reamer BHA delivers quality enlarged holes Dec 2014
Summary MegaForce™ Drill Bit Speeds through Hard, Abrasive Rock to Set Kuwait Field ROP Nov 2014
Summary TurboForce™ Diamond Impregnated Bits Power through Conglomerate to Deliver Record Runs in Congo Sep 2014
Summary StrikeForce™ Drill Bits Aug 2014
Summary Susquehanna County SteelForce™ Jul 2014
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