Stim Tech® Long-Stroke Slick Joint

Allows stripping through annular BOP without causing damage to rubber

The CleanWell® StimTech® long-stroke slick joint is designed to mitigate concerns of stripping a tool joint through the hydril during frac, gravel pack, tubing conveyed perforating (TCP) or other sequences requiring the back side to remain closed. This slick joint helps with critical spaceout demands and allows easement for keeping weight down during pumping operations or stripping to cycle downhole valves. This tool protects the hydril from damage when stripping by minimizing the mid-tool joint upset.

Features and Benefits

  • Minimized mid-connection upset
    • Subsea annular-friendly
  • Range 3 joint length (41-43 ft)
  • Large inner diameter
  • Internally coated (if required)
  • Simplified spaceout
  • No external components (seals, etc.)
  • Reduced mechanical risk
  • Pressure limitation of annular preventer only
  • Multiple joints can be run together to create appropriate length to match objectives of the operation
  • Large inner diameter to minimize pressure loss during high pressure operations
Related Information

Related Information

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