Spiral Wrap String Mill

Mill for restoration of casing drift and drilling of cement/float equipment

The CleanWell® Spiral Wrap String Mill is designed to restore casing drift and downsize debris generated during cased hole milling or drilling applications. The mill design provides a 360° smooth overlap OD when descending or ascending in the wellbore. Both upper and lower lead-tapered edges are dressed with tungsten, and the rotational edge of the maximum OD is also dressed with tungsten for restriction engagement and removal. Water-coursing gaps between the spiral blades support exceptional debris management practices without sacrificing abundant radial total flow area.


  • Robust
  • Integral construction
  • Full 360° wrap at maximum OD
  • Smooth, casing-friendly maximum OD
  • Tungsten carbide tapered ends
  • Specialty sizes and designs available
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Related Information

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