Turbo Tech® Multi-Activation Bypass Valve

Turbo Tech® Multi-Activation Bypass ValveThe CleanWell® Turbo Tech® compression-activated bypass valve is designed to allow up-hole boosting above liner tops during displacement or cleanout interventions. The Turbo Tech valve promotes best practices for displacement allowing optimal circulating rates, pipe rotation and pipe reciprocation while circulating and boosting. It is not required to shut down circulation when activating the tool, which is critical during a displacement.

The Turbo Tech valve can be activated as often as required and remains in the locked position until cycled again. The valve is typically used when longer liners (significant friction loss) or smaller drill pipe restrictions exist down hole, thus preventing turbulent flow in larger casing(s) up hole.

The Turbo Tech valve is typically integrated with other mechanical wellbore cleanout tools and can help manage non-productive time associated with poor hydraulics to help improve circulating and overall displacement timelines.

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