Vali Tech® Downhole Mechanical Filter

Validates wellbore cleanliness and collects debris unable to be circulated out of the well

The CleanWell® Vali Tech® downhole mechanical filter tool is designed to validate and provide a mechanical alternative to collect solid contaminates remaining in vertical or deviated wellbores. The robust design of the filter tube helps eliminate wire-wrapped screen concerns while allowing for improved operating specifications.

The Vali Tech filter is ideal for highly deviated wellbores where solids tend to settle on the low side or when unfavorable hydraulics are present. The tool can be run as a standalone device for specialty intervention runs or integrated into a single-trip system in combination with other wellbore cleaning tools.

Features and Benefits

  • Robust integral mandrel
  • Stabilized for positive centralization and protection
  • Allows for reverse circulating when required
  • No spring-loaded valves to remain lodged open below the filter chamber
  • Robust filter sleeve (0.035 Ga.)
    • Elimination of wire-wrapped screens
    • Increased operating specifications
  • Fluid interrupter sleeve (diverter)
    • Shifting sleeve design
    • Self-centralizing
    • Protected and redundant wipers
  • Self-modulating bypass
    • Eliminates swabbing potential
    • Provides regulated bypass

Vali Tech® Downhole Mechanical Filter

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