PowerMag® Magnet

Premium downhole magnet for recovery of large amounts of ferrous debris

The CleanWell® PowerMag® magnet is designed to assist in collecting ferrous or non-ferrous material that has become magnetically charged due to pipe rotation or movement during displacement, drilling or intervention runs.

Features and Benefits

  • Robust
  • 31 ft overall length
  • 20 ft magnet collection area
  • 2,800-in.2 of surface collection area
  • 250lbs + proven recovery capacity
  • Fishing friendly
  • Integral mandrel
    • Smooth inner bore
    • No internal connections
  • Large internal diameter (ID)
  • Abundant radial TFA
  • Stress concentration management

PowerMag® Magnet

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Summary Operator saves $8.1 MM, optimizes milling performance using PowerMag casing magnet Jun 2016
Summary PowerMag® magnets recover debris at a ratio greater than 3:1 over competition Nov 2015
Summary Halliburton successfully performs single-trip post-perforation cleanout and deburr run for water injector well Oct 2015
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