PowerMag® Magnet

The CleanWell® PowerMag® magnet is designed to assist in collecting ferrous or non-ferrous material that has become magnetically charged due to pipe rotation or movement during displacement, drilling or intervention runs.

The integral drill collar bar stock provides for high tensile and torsional values with a large ID for optimum results. Recessed, flat magnet sections provide more than 2,800 in.2 of surface collection area with more than 20 ft of magnetic face. The neodymium bar magnets are very high energy and extremely strong. Integral body water coursing provides high flow area but remains streamlined for safely exiting casing or use in various drilling or fishing operations.

PowerMag® Magnet

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Summary Operator saves $8.1 MM, optimizes milling performance using PowerMag casing magnet Jun 2016
Summary PowerMag® magnets recover debris at a ratio greater than 3:1 over competition Nov 2015
Summary Halliburton successfully performs single-trip post-perforation cleanout and deburr run for water injector well Oct 2015
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