Mag Tech® Casing Magnet

Downhole magnet for capturing ferrous material

The CleanWell® Mag Tech® casing magnet is designed to assist in collecting ferrous or non-ferrous material that has become magnetically charged due to pipe rotation during the displacement process. The casing magnet is designed to run in conjunction with the Drill Tech® casing scraper, Bristle Tech® brush, Vor Tech® casing junk basket and other casing cleaning tools in displacement, drilling or other intervention applications. The neodymium bar magnets are high energy and extremely strong. Magnet strength combined with good stabilization and enormous surface collection area provide for large volume recoveries.

Features and Benefits

  • Robust
  • Integral mandrel
    • Smooth inner bore
    • No internal connections or upsets
  • Big bore design (large IDs)
  • Abundant radial total flow area (TFA)
  • Enormous surface collection area
  • Good stand-off for debris retention
  • 4145 or 4330 material construction
  • Stress concentration management
  • No external bolts
  • Technical specifications validated through FEA modeling

Mag Tech® Casing Magnet

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Summary CleanWell® Solutions Enable Operator to Avoid Losses in the Upper Lateral Section Jan 2018
Summary First Single-Trip Negative Test and Wellbore Cleanup in Egypt Oct 2016
Summary Mag Tech casing magnet leaves Shell’s wellbore free from ferrous debris Apr 2016
Summary CleanWell® Systems save operator 18 hours of rig time Sep 2014
Summary How a more efficient Halliburton cleanout approach helped operators save days of deepwater rig time May 2013
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