Drill Tech® Casing Scraper

Rotational scraper for drilling and cleanout operations

The CleanWell® Drill Tech® casing scraper is designed to mechanically assist in cleaning wellbore casings by scoring and removing mud film and other restrictive material from the inner casing wall diameters.

The tool can be run as a standalone device for cleanout runs where plug back total depth (PBTD) may need to be established or integrated into a single-trip system in combination with other wellbore cleaning tools. The adaptable component design allows the tool to be built as required for the application of use.

Drill Tech® Casing Scraper

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Summary CleanWell® Technology Saves $1.6 Million on Two Wells Feb 2018
Summary CleanWell® Technology Saves Two Days of Rig Time Offshore Feb 2018
Summary Halliburton successfully performs single-trip post-perforation cleanout and deburr run for water injector well Oct 2015
Summary Single-Trip Cleanout and Displacement for Deepwater Pre-Salt Well Aug 2015
Summary CleanWell® Technology Saves Operator 18 Hours of Rig Time Aug 2014
Summary How a more efficient Halliburton cleanout approach helped operators save days of deepwater rig time May 2013
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