Combo Tech® Scraper/Brush

Cost-effective rotational scraper and brush tool

The CleanWell® Combo Tech® scraper/brush is designed to mechanically assist in cleaning wellbore casings by scouring, polishing and removing mud film and other restrictive material from the inner casing wall diameters. The Combo Tech tool can be run as a standalone device for cleanout runs where plug back total depth (PBTD) may need to be established or integrated into a single-trip system in combination with other wellbore cleaning tools. The adaptable cleaning features and components allow the tool to be built as required for the application of use.

Features and Benefits
  • Robust
  • Combination scraper and brush
  • Integral mandrel
    • Smooth inner bore
    • No internal connections
  • Large internal diameter (ID)
  • Maximum radial total flow area (TFA)
  • Non-rotating stabilizers available
  • Rotating cleaning features
  • Spring-loaded scraper blades


Related Information

Related Information

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