Swellpacker® Cable System

Swellpacker Cable System

The Swellpacker® cable system is an annular isolation cable feed-through packer for both openhole and cased-hole completions. With its cable feed-through feature, the Swellpacker cable system enables the passage of control lines, flat packs for downhole monitoring, and control devices through the packer without splicing or stripping cables, and cutting control lines.

The self-healing properties of the Swellpacker system rubber ensure perfect sealing around the control lines and against the formation as the packer swells and seals downhole. This technology uniquely enables intelligent completions and reliability by providing cable runs without spliced connections.

Key Benefits

  • Reduces completion installation time
  • Helps reduce monitoring and control system failures
  • Offers increased reliability by avoiding cable splicing
  • Helps increase efficiency with line installation of approximately 10 minutes per flat pack or control line
  • Offers a one-trip solution with no mechanical packer-setting requirements

The Swellpacker cable system’s unique features offer operators a simpler, safer and more stable downhole environment and help enable previously unachievable levels of oilfield performance by helping to reduce well construction costs, saving rig time and isolating producing zones.

Swellpacker® Cable System

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Summary Award-Winning Halliburton Technologies Combine to Provide Enhanced Wellbore Insight Jul 2018
Summary Asia: Swellpacker System and Gravel Pack Enable Zonal Isolation in OH SmartWell Completion Nov 2013
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