Swell Technology

Halliburton is the industry leader in Swell Technology for Completions and Well Construction

Swell Technology is based on the swelling properties of elastomers. The swelling process creates effective seals in both open and cased hole applications. Halliburton currently has three types of swelling elastomer systems.
  • The first system uses elastomers that swell when exposed to hydrocarbons.
  • The second system uses elastomers that swell upon exposure to water.
  • The third system features a hybrid swelling polymer, which combines the capabilities of both oil swelling and water swelling polymers into a single compound.

These products have no moving parts and require no inflation to seal, removing the inherent risks of mechanical and inflatable tools. Customers simply make up or slip on Swell Technology products to basepipe where isolation points are needed to optimize the well.

Swell Technology

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Summary Frac Sleeve DUC Well Completed 410 Days After Installation Shatters Local Record Mar 2017
Summary 12 Swellpacker® Systems Run Successfully in Long Horizontal Well with Severe Dog Legs Mar 2017
Summary RapidSuite® Multistage Fracturing Completion Systems Activate Almost Two Years after Installation Mar 2017
Summary Norway: Swellpacker® systems provide isolation for multi-zone completion Feb 2017
Summary Gulf of Mexico:Swellpacker® System Provides Isolation of Liner Top Oct 2016
Summary Combining Cement and Swell Technology Results in Effective Well Control and Reliable Zonal Isolation Behind Casing Aug 2016
Summary Swellpacker® Water Swelling System Provides Reliable Isolation in ESS Completion May 2016
Summary Swellpacker® system is used as an anchor to provide torque for liner hanger running tool Oct 2015
Summary North America:Subsea Surface Casing - Shallow Water Shutoff Jun 2015
Summary North America: Swellpacker System Eliminates Risks During Deepwater Tieback String Installation Jun 2015
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Swellpacker® Cable System
Swellpacker® Slip-on Isolation System
Swellpacker® Zonal Isolation System

Effective Zonal Isolation Between Sleeves

Halliburton offers a variety of zonal isolation options, including our leading Swellpacker® systems for completions and well construction, and our new ZoneGuard® system for zonal isolation in formation control, selective stimulation and fracturing applications.
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